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StartLife start-ups can get financial advice from the Teckle-team; the innovative side of Rabobank. Joey Borgers, start-up coordinator and member of the Teckle-team at Rabobank Vallei en Rijn, is looking forward to meeting entrepreneurs!

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Joey Borgers: “Bringing an innovation to the market successfully requires a good plan and a lot of patience. The Rabobank’s Teckle-team helps starting and experienced entrepreneurs to bring their innovations to market. The financing of innovations, from the pre-seed phase onwards, requires special expertise which we can offer in abundance. We are a sparring partner, consultant and critic all in one and offer you an extensive network. Teckle is as innovative as the innovators we focus on: not afraid to take risks and driven to take on new challenges together with other entrepreneurs. Teckle is considered the innovative side of Rabobank Vallei & Rijn thanks to our ability to sniff out innovations!”

Open walk in:

Wednesday 9-12 am: partner room StartLife, Plus Ultra Bronland 12H, Wageningen.
Wednesday 13-17 pm: StartHub Wageningen, Vijfde Polder 1, Wageningen Campus.

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Joey Borgers start-up startlife agri food partner expert
Joey Borgers, start-up coordinator at Rabobank