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Of all the SME businesses that apply for financing every year almost a third  (29%*) get turned down. The supply of alternative financing models is growing. SME businesses looking for financing for their company can now get extra help from BDO Accountants & Advisers.

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Alternative financing models
BDO not only gives a clear overview of the financing options available from banks, but also of alternative investment models such as venture capital, mezzanine loans, crowd funding and crowd equity. They support entrepreneurs throughout the entire financing process, from the initial plans until the required money is in their bank accounts.

Figures from the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) show that one fifth of the total investment capital in the SME sector is now supplied by alternative lending models, such as leases, factoring constructions and venture capital companies. “This proportion will only increase,” says Victor Verstappen, Senior Manager at BDO’s SME Financing Solutions.

Suitable investor
BDO has found that it is this growing number of alternative financing tools that makes it more and more difficult for entrepreneurs to see the wood from the trees. They are often aware of other options, but are looking for a reliable partner who knows their businesses’ figures and plans and can convert this knowledge into a well-substantiated application that they can submit to a suitable investor. “That is what we do,” says Verstappen. “Furthermore, it takes us a lot less time to arrange favourable conditions for matters such as guarantees, repayment periods or handling fees. That can sometimes save a company thousands of Euros a year.”

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* figures from research company Panteia, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)