Contact with students via Education Project Services

Educational Project Services, part of Wageningen University and Research, connects external stakeholders to courses of Wageningen University & Research. In these courses, groups of students can work on real-life assignments, and thereby apply their academic knowledge.

  1. In the course Data Management, MSc-students pick their own practical assignment to design and build a database for a real commissioner in teams of 4-5 students from different backgrounds. Companies, organisations, governmental bodies, etc. can send their problem related to data on topics in all WUR domains. Students select their desired project, and improve the data use: They make the design, construction and use of a database more efficient.
  2. In the course Case Studies Product Quality, third-year BSc-students of Food Technology work in groups of 5 to 6 students on a group assignment in which product quality of a foodstuff and opportunities for product and process improvements are central. Students integrate of the various disciplines in food technology – food microbiology, food processing, food chemistry and food physics – and aspects such as market science, consumer, legislation or economy. At the end of their project, the students give advice or a design based on a desk study; no practical work is done in this course.
  3. Within the course Academic Consultancy Training (ACT), MSc-students work together in multi-disciplinary teams of 5 to 7 students to address specific queries set by societal and private organizations. ACT is an obligatory MSc course for 20 MSc study programmes. Suitable projects contain multiple Wageningen domains (Natural Resources and Living Environment, Society and Well-being, and Food, Feed and Biobased Production).

The courses start in September 2019 and students will work on their assignments part-time for 8 weeks, full-time for ACT. At the end, the students will deliver their findings and advice through a written report and oral presentation. Commissioners are expected to interact with their student team through a kick-off, and be available for contact with them throughout the course.

Would you like to work with a group of students on a topic you find relevant? Mail, or call 0317-485314. Please reply before 31st of May.