Encouraged by the EOI EUROPEAN COWORKINGS, StartLife and RSC Talent have agreed to, in December 2016, explore the potential of a soft landing exchange project for agri-food centric tech-starters. Agri-food startups in Andalusia, Spain, can be further developed by collaborating with the existing network of technostarters from StartLife and Wageningen University and Research as well as through Dutch national innovation initiatives and through a collaboration with the Food Valley.

The project was created with the aim to advance agri-food activities in Andalusia as well as to improve the current agri-food practices through emerging technologies, and innovation

The agri-food sector is becoming increasingly competitive with export trade becoming especially challenging. There is a need to innovate and provide tools for players in the sector to combat such challenges. Concurrently creating more jobs and improving wealth in rural and urban communities. Moreover, sector related problems could be solved by building upon activities and introducing new instruments towards the acceleration of innovation on an international scale.

The project will end in December 2018. More information can be found on the EOI-website.