Education Project Services

Education Project Services connects projects and assignments from society with the study programs of Wageningen University & Research. A company, startup, foundation or other societal partner that wants to start a project or assignment with students from the university, can enlist the help of Education Project Services.

Education Project Services asserts whether the question is suited for the students’ expertise and whether the assignment is complex enough and of an academic level. Then, it considers how the assignment fits in the curriculum. Education Project Services advises the commissioner in finding a suitable course and adjusting the definition of the question.

Mono- and multidisciplinary courses

Wageningen University & Research offers collaborations in education in mono- and multidisciplinary courses. In mono-disciplinary courses, students from one educational program or specialization deal with the problems posed by the initiators. This can be done in all domains of the university (see Figure 1). Students work part-time on a case in groups of 5 to 7 people for 1 to 2 months.

Figure 1: Domains in which Wageningen University & Research is active

For the multidisciplinary Academic Consultancy Training (ACT), Education Project Services looks for suitable assignments all year through. Teams of 5 to 7 students from different educational programs work on a case for 8 weeks. The commissioner gives advice to the students in the form of feedback. He also reimburses the students for incurrent costs. The course is taught five times a year. At the moment, Education Project Services is looking for projects for the period May-July (deadline: March 22). On the website you can find a form to submit a proposal. Do you have questions or an interesting case to work on with students? Contact Jelle Van Leeuwen