Business Day: Finding answers together

26 September 2019

The inspiring Business Day will take place on 26 September at Wageningen Campus. Various important business relations are invited to this event, which may also be of interest to StartLife startups. The Business Day will also give you a feel of how the latest and most relevant research and innovation topics can contribute to the innovation agenda of your organization.

We call on StartLife startups who are interested in making a substantive contribution to one of the themes below:


  1. New proteins: where to find them and how to use them?
  2. The climate challenge translated into manageable actions
  3. Data and platforms: what are the business perspectives?
  4. Phenotyping: innovative measuring and modelling to improve performances
  5. The circularity challenge: finding and implementing solutions at different levels
  6. Finding the balance between sustainable production and healthy nutrition

If you are interested, please share a short motivation and contact Caroline Bijkerk, StartLife Global Partnerships Manager, via
For more information see: