Hello Tomorrow is a global conference and innovation platform that brings together scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, and policy makers to accelerate the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies and drive positive impact. The event features presentations and workshops from leading experts in fields such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, energy, and materials science, as well as an exhibition showcasing the latest innovations from startups and established companies.

One of the key objectives of Hello Tomorrow is to bridge the gap between science and entrepreneurship, and to provide a platform for researchers and innovators to showcase their work and connect with potential partners and investors. The event also aims to promote the responsible and ethical application of emerging technologies, and to engage policymakers and other stakeholders in discussions on the social, economic, and environmental impacts of these technologies.

In addition to its annual conference, Hello Tomorrow also offers a range of programs and resources to support the growth and development of innovative companies, including pitch competitions, accelerator programs, and mentorship opportunities.

Overall, Hello Tomorrow is a must-attend event for anyone interested in exploring the frontiers of science and technology and driving positive impact through innovation.