We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming workshop: Patenting in AgriFoodTech to create value and competitive advantage. Our sector is an increasingly IP-intensive , wherein the possession of intellectual property rights has shown to boost company growth and increases the chances of obtaining financing. This workshop is the first as part of a series, introducing the participants to patenting in AgriFoodTech. 


Introduction to intellectual property rights: Understand the differences between the different registered and unregistered intellectual property rights, and their suitability to protect AgriFoodTech innovations

Patentability criteria: Learn about what can be patented and what is excluded from patenting, and how to recognize a patentable AgriFoodTech invention. Get practical tips about what steps to undertake if you have made an invention.

Legal rights conferred by a patent: Learn about the rights of a patent holder ways of enforcing these rights, and how do these rights impact freedom-to-operate of third parties.

Steps involved in obtaining a patent: This part of the workshop deals with aspects that have to be taken into account before filing a patent application and the relevant aspects for a filing strategy, i.e. when, where, what to file?

Patent case study. A case study will be presented and discussed with the participants. The participants have to assess the commercial potential of a discovery, what can be protected (and under which conditions), and how to deal with third party patent rights.

Participants are encouraged to send in a real-life case study beforehand, if they want to have this discussed during the workshop. Please contact Michiel Croes (michiel.croes@epc.nl) if you want your case to be considered.

Why attend?

  • Learn about practical examples and best practices of patenting in AgriFoodTech.
  • Connect with a registered Patent Attorney who can help you identify a possible invention and give practical tips about what steps to undertake if you have made an invention.
  • Connect with other participants from different businesses , i.e. both startup and industry professionals.

Hosts: Michiel Croes & Mark Jolink, Patent Attorneys from EP&C specialising in food, agriculture and biotechnology. As a patent attorneys, they sit around the table with companies in various stages of growth and therefore can provide practical examples and best practices. Looking forward to seeing you there!