It is one of the best global showcase for the world’s leading companies, startups, entrepreneurs, investors and institutions to accelerate innovation, build strong relationships, identify opportunities and generate business.

It has been a witness, thermometer, radar and architects of the evolution of entrepreneurship and has been able to anticipate many of the phenomena that have later been consolidated.

One of the key objectives of South Summit is to facilitate the growth and development of innovative companies by providing a platform for them to showcase their work and connect with potential partners and investors. The event also aims to promote the responsible and ethical application of emerging technologies, and to engage policymakers and other stakeholders in discussions on the social, economic, and environmental impacts of these technologies.

In addition to its annual conference, South Summit also offers a range of programs and resources to support the growth and development of innovative companies, including pitch competitions, accelerator programs, and mentorship opportunities.

Today, South Summit is recognized as one of the world’s leading innovation platforms and one of the most important networks of high-value connections among the main ecosystem agents to generate business and detect opportunities.