With great pleasure, we invite you to StartLife Demo Day Spring 2023, where you’ll see startups pitch from both StartLife Accelerate and StartLife a la Carte programs.

On 22 June, StartLife is hosting its highly anticipated 10th Demo Day – a must-attend hybrid event. Don’t miss your chance to connect with 200+ game-changers from our global ecosystem, including dynamic startups, stunning scaleups, visionary investors, and innovative corporates. Witness over a dozen of the most talented food & agritech startups from our current Accelerate and A La Carte programs pitch on stage! Admission is free, but in-person spots are limited – register now to secure your seat and network with key players in our community on 22 June.

Jean Boudillon, our Program Manager, says: “We will seize this special occasion to introduce a brand new Demo Day format. We are taking our highlight event to the next level, with more startups and more interactions with key players in the industry. It will be an event that agrifoodtech investors, corporates, and startups simply don’t want to miss out on.”

Open Demo Day Program

(Times in CEST)

12:00 Walk In
12:00 – 15:00 1-on-1 Networking
12:00 – 15:00 Startup Exhibition
15:00 – 16:30 Demo Day Startup Pitches (Online)
16:30 – 19:00 Cocktails & Mocktails
19:00 End

Featured Startups

We will proudly introduce you to following companies:

Yeastime (IT)
Provides producers deep tech solutions that optimize bioprocesses by reducing the active state of the fermentation by 30%, leading to efficiency in terms of production time, energy consumption, and environmental impact.

Nano in Green (ARG)
A green synthesis company that through precision fermentation seeks to synthesize functional ingredients to enhance plant-based foods by delivering quality nutrition, new flavor, and different texture giving a new experience.

Reinvent Protein (NL)
Offers food and beverage producers soy-free plant protein ingredients for maximum taste, nutrition, and functionality enabled by its proprietary platform of hydrolysis and fermentation technology.

Sun Bear Bioworks (UK)
Reimagines farming by blending the natural process of fermentation with modern science and technology to produce a palm oil alternative with all of its natural benefits, minus the environmental impact.

Harmonize (GER)
Offers a SaaS platform to digitize flavor and help mimic flavors from animal products into plant-based foods enabling the transition into a sustainable diet.

FarmOn (NL)
Develops software solutions with cutting-edge AI and ML technology to identify sustainable agricultural practices at scale and their ecological impact.

Nerit’e (GER)
Provides cutting-edge technological solutions that enable soil protection and yield optimization through smart, data-based, actionable recommendations to farmers.

Enables farmers to plant seed with high precision and grow their (vegetable) crops in a more robust and sustainable way with a secured higher yield through the application of proprietary seed-embedding technology SET that guarantees an optimal germination environment.

Carbominer (UA)

Climate tech startup that has developed new DAC technology to capture CO₂ from the open air locally, at the place of use.

FarmTree (NL)

Develops methods to forecast agro-systems impact, including carbon sequestration, multi-species production, cost-benefit analyses etc. at a different scale. 

Ekolive (GER)

The first and leading provider of a new ecological bioleaching method for the ecological release of elements and the breakdown of toxic compounds with consecutive production of biostimulants.

Zymoptiq (FR)

Offers a disruptive analytic tool to characterize, measure and assess the enzymes activities in a very fast, simple and cheap way. 

In-person Venue

Wageningen Campus | Plus Ultra II Building
Bronland 10-D
6708 WH Wageningen