With great pleasure, we invite you to StartLife’s Fall 2022 Demo Day where you’ll see startups pitch from both our Accelerate and A la Carte programs.

(14.30 – Walk in)
15:00 – Welcome by StartLife
               Startup Pitches
               Closing ceremony
(16:30 – Cocktails & Mocktails)

Depending on your preference you can join us in person in Wageningen or online through Crowdcast.  Program elements show in between brackets are for in-person attendees only. Times are in CET. 

Join us to be inspired and get a glimpse of the future in food and ag!

The startups

  • Umami Meats (Singapore) – Pioneering cultivated seafood by crafting delicious, nutritious and affordable cultivated fish.
  • Albotherm (UK) – Improving crop productivity by up to 20% through optimizing light in greenhouses.
  • Veridi Technologies (Netherlands) – Pioneering the use of AI and automated microscopy to scale up soil microbiome diagnostics.
  • Solmeyea (Greece) – Patented technology to produce carbon neutral microalgae ingredients that are increasingly sought by FMCG’s.
  • BioMosae (Netherlands) – Developing a widely effective, low-cost biological crop protection & enzyme-based ingredient Canto.
  • Trabotyx (The Netherlands) – Provides robots that use computer vision to accurately remove 80% of weeds and reduce manual labor with 25% on organic farms
  • Bsafe (Brazil) – Helping agriculture to become more sustainable by providing specific and safer biopesticides based on RNAs.
  • Alghètica (Italy) – Unleashing the true potential of microalgae in becoming a molecular factory of new and improved plant-based ingredients (through CRISPR).
  • Scope Biosciences (The Netherlands)  – Develops a revolutionary on-site diagnostic platform, using CRISPR-Cas’ inherent specificity and ease of use.
  • Vivotro Labs  (The Netherlands)  – Efficacy testing and detection for products & therapeutics that combat infectious disease in the animal production and public health sectors.
  • Heliopas AI (Germany) – Reducing efforts and risks in open-field irrigation with sensorless environmental monitoring.
  • Voltiris (Switzerland) – transforming greenhouses into renewable powerplants with solar modules optimized for agriculture.

In-person Venue
Wageningen Campus | Plus Ultra II Building
Bronland 10-D
6708 WH Wageningen