“World Agri-Tech Europe ” is a premier conference and exhibition focused on the latest technologies and innovations in the agriculture industry. Held in London, this event brings together over 900 agrifood professionals from various fields, including agriculture, food science, and technology, to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Last year it was graced by more than 90 speakers, 150 start-ups and included representation of 53 countries.

The conference features keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, covering topics such as precision farming, food waste reduction, and the impact of climate change on agriculture. In addition to the conference, World Agri-Tech Europe also includes an exhibition where attendees can see the latest agriculture technologies in action and connect with industry professionals.

Meet StartLife at World Agri-Tech Europe

The following StartLife team members are attending this event. Meet them and check-out the StartLife booth at the expo floor.

See you there!