Alexander van Wassenaer

Alexander van Wassenaer is a seasoned private equity investor and entrepreneur.

I love working with an ambitious and truly committed team of starting entrepreneurs to help make their innovative idea and nascent business a success and lay the foundations for building a market leading company. Considering my own master’s degree from Wageningen University, I am especially keen on working with startups and scaleups in agritech in the widest sense.

Over the past 17 years, I have built my experience as an investor by putting capital and expertise to work in supporting smaller and much larger companies. It has been a privilege to work with many highly talented management teams and exciting businesses along the way. I also know first-hand how challenging and tough building, or rebuilding, a business can be.

I believe that, with the right combination of a brilliant new idea, talent, drive and sufficient resources, almost any new business can succeed and have a real, lasting and very positive impact on the world around us.

Skills & expertise

  • Private equity and venture investing
  • Team building and talent management
  • New product and service market launch
  • Contracting and negotiations with suppliers and customers
  • Operational excellence
  • Commercial excellence
  • Financing


If you are an ambitious young entrepreneur with a bright idea and are realistic on how you can have an impact, I’d be delighted to spar with you, jointly test the viability of your plan and help you figure out how to make it happen.


While I am ageneralist investor, I am especially interested in engineered tools and products. Applications that improve human and animal health always draw my attention

Personal quote

Don’t postpone till tomorrow what you can do today
Alexander van Wassenaer