Christine Kroner

Christine is R&D Director Food Solutions of Unilever. She truly believes in PURPOSE driven mentality. So everything she does is linked to her own PURPOSE: To do things that REALLY matter. Things that will make the world a better place: for all living beings and with people. Why? Because this is my energy engine and this is her purpose in life.

With over 20 years of experience in Research and Developing reaching from University education, clinical research in a medical environment, to food product development & experience in different Foods Business models (retail and out of home business), she is at her best when managing complexity, during change and dynamics in rapidly transforming markets. She combines her strong business mind, with her natural verve for leading people & embracing cultural differences. Motivational leadership is where she is at her best, especially in tough times and crisis.

Christine is powerful without being concerned for the hierarchy and builds her relationships on trust, accountability and doing the right thing. She does not have the reputation as someone to blend in to get along- and she is unafraid to go against the grain. She never thinks twice about standing alone, if it is in the interest of the business.

Skills and field of expertise

  • Research & Development (science, strategy, design & deploy)
  • Business acumen
  • Project & program management
  • Business to business & retail
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Building high performing teams- also virtual


Sharing experience based on more than 20 years of experience in science development in industry, clinical research and university. Coaching and guidance, reality check (risk assessment), building short-midldle – longterm roadmaps. How to build a smashing selling story.


Early phase startups that need guidance. Out of the box ideas. Food or agricultural science.  Medical/physiological based. Digital tooling & applications. Sustainability driven.

Personal quote

“If anyone had a not so good day today- do your best to rock that shit tomorrow. Life is too short for two days of bullshit in a row.”

Christine Kroner