Huub Beelen

Huub Beelen is a recently retired general manager at Limagrain Benelux. With a long tenure in the breeding business, in the position of general manager and marketing manager, he knows the sector like no other. Aside from his in depth sector knowledge he is very skilled in business strategy, management and marketing. He also purchased seed treatments for Limagrain Europe for many years.

Today, in the spirit of the Limagrain cooperative, Huub is setting up a Herenboederij (Farmers Cooperative). The farmers co-op, also known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), refers to a partnership between one or more farmers and a community of members. It is a small farming co-operative, owned by approximately 200 families (“Herenboeren”). Together they decide what to eat and what the farm will produce. The farmer, who is employed by the co-operative, grows a dozen types of fruits and vegetables and looks after the farm animals for the production of meat and eggs.

Huub obtained an engineering degree in plant breeding from Wageningen University & Research.

Skills and field of expertise

  • general management
  • strategy
  • marketing in agriculture


I can quickly identify opportunities and threats in agriculture, and have a broad network.

Huub Beelen