Leo Melchers

Leo Melchers PhD has 30+ years of international experience in plant biotechnology research, seeds business strategy and technology licensing. He fulfilled various positions in executive management and leadership roles in a biotech startup company and with industry leaders, including Zeneca Agrochemicals and Syngenta.

Leo has extensive experience in driving major plant biotech R&D programs & leading international research teams. In addition, Leo operated as Global Head Licensing at Syngenta and worked closely with multiple crop leadership teams in shaping and delivering their business strategies. Leo is passionate about developing innovative ideas and technologies into successful, marketable products.

Since 2018, Leo works as an independent consultant with innovative startup companies, supporting commercialization of their novel technology, products and/or traits.

Skills and field of expertise

  • Business & Licensing strategy
  • Biotechnology, Plant Research, New Breeding Technology
  • Developing and implementing strategy on corporate, business, or research level
  • Structuring & Negotiating Strategic Partnerships
  • Developing Patent – and Plant Variety Protection strategy
  • Interim Executive management


If you are ready to climb the Startup-Everest, I am looking forward to being your Sherpa! My deep industry knowledge, strategic competencies and first-hand experience at both a biotech startup and with industry leaders are fully at your disposal.


I am looking forward to engage with startups and companies involved in innovative research – or business activities.

Personal quote  

“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, and debate.”v

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Leo Melchers