Nikolas Fahlskog

Nikolas Fhalskog is managing director of Innovation Catalyzer. Nikolas has more than 15 years of experience in breakthrough innovation and commercialization.

Examples: Philips One-Blade, Philips NutriU healthy food platform, HotBox startup Wageningen: Veggie meat business model, Greencovery: Business strategy

I help catalyze your innovation to healthy & sustainable experiences people will Love. Understand, Design, Deliver & Scale! Together we can make our world a better place!

  • Understand: Hands-on advice based on in-depth understanding of your specific situation and goals, together we make a strategy and business model that’s scalable.
  • Design: Designing the scalable business model and an action plan for the next 30-60-90 days towards and overall towards the grand vision
  • Deliver: Instrumental leadership to help you execute your plan by doing it with you and ensuring you find the right (level) resources needed to start driving your business.
  • Scale: Hands-on coaching to execute, operationalize and scale your start-up

Skills and field of expertise

  • Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Business modelling and Marketing
  • Hardware products & Digital engagement platforms in food & health domain


I offer a unique mix of experience in Product & Service creation combined with Marketing & Business Innovation. Corporate and serial entrepreneur having created several Digital and Physical products (as a service) models. Fast and creative thought leader with hands-on advice to create solid proof fast (or pivot).


I’m most excited about food and Agri-tech products and services (digital and/or physical). My experience in Products & Marketing for among other things sensor (iOT) as a service, consumer engagement platforms, restaurant delivery services, kitchen appliances and even as professional cook may be of use for you and your team.
In my free time I’m passionate about Skiing, Rowing and playing music.

Personal quote:

No one can predict the future, but we can decide what we prefer the future to be.
It’s no miracle, it is persistent curiosity, creativity and hard work! (leveraging our experience and network)

Nikolas Fahlskog