Olivier Sevenou

Olivier is a Global R&D – Innovation Consultant with 19 years of R&D leadership in FMCG and broad business acumen. With deep expertise in end-to-end R&D as well as experience in Innovation Marketing and Procurement, Olivier has been delivering evolutive and transformative R&D / innovation strategies, technology programs and product portfolios. Working at the interface between business impact, consumer-centricity, long-term societal trends and emerging technologies, he can provide a critical assessment and sounding board of your value propositions and products and help you in stretching them.

Olivier especially has a strong understanding of the snacking category and health & wellbeing segment (formulation, technology & design, nutrition profiling and regulation). He has been engaged in startup ecosystems across product and ingredient technology for years and has a sound understanding of the critical path to start-up successfully and progress to scale up (capability development, product optimization for best sensory, cost and nutrition, IP ring-fencing, make or buy). With an extensive global network of manufacturers, suppliers, incubators, agencies and universities, Olivier can help you in optimizing your ecosystems.

He holds a Ph.D. in Food Science from Nottingham University and is passionate about getting the right product solutions to consumers.

Skills and field of expertise

  • R&D end-to-end execution
  • Consumer-centric Product Development
  • Ingredient & Process Technology embedding
  • Innovation Portfolio development
  • Supplier Partnership and Open Innovation


I am happy to soundcheck product relevance & differentiation and help stretch product proposition toward best consumer centricity. I can leverage my industry network when helpful as well as help in optimizing start-up’s supplier and partners network.


Any Food & Beverage start-up that has a convincing technology and/or design-led proposition and the ambition to leverage those to solve real consumer and societal needs.

Favorite quote

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Olivier Sevenou