GET IN TOUCH WITH OUR Startup coordinator at Rabobank: JOEY

Rabobank Vallei & Rijn introduced its Teckle (Dachshund) innovation service at the beginning of this year. Because bringing an innovation to the market successfully,  requires a good plan and a lot of patience. The Rabobank Vallei & Rijn Teckle Team helps entrepreneurs achieve that. Therefore our partnership with Startlife plays an important role. 

 University of Wageningen

“The Teckle concept is an excellent fit with the local Rabobank organisations based in the university cities. The concept focuses on helping to market and/or finance services and products from innovative entrepreneurs. Several local Rabobank organisations have adopted the concept in recent years, including ours. Wageningen University & Research Center (WUR) and its many food innovations are typical of our area of work. Economic developments also demand innovative ideas. Many entrepreneurs understand the importance of that and have addressed innovation in order to further develop the future of their businesses”, says Ben Smeenk, Director of Corporate Relations for Rabobank Vallei & Rijn

Intensive collaboration with Startlife

“However, we have also noticed that startups are also coming up with some excellent innovations”, says Ben. “As a banking service provider, Teckle is just as innovative as the innovators that we focus on. Not afraid to take risks and driven to face new challenges together with other entrepreneurs. The financing of innovations, certainly from the pre-seed phase, requires special expertise; expertise that is required to ensure further growth. Our advisers have that expertise in abundance and learn a great deal from parties such as Startlife. Teckle is justifiably the innovative nose of Rabobank Vallei & Rijn, with its ability to sniff out innovations! That’s why our partnership with Startlife is an excellent step, for us in the right direction, for making innovative businesses a success. We are therefore looking very much forward to an intensive collaboration.”

Joey Borgers | Startup Coordinator and member of the Teckle Team at Rabobank Vallei en Rijn

“On behalf of Rabobank Vallei & Rijn I can be found at the StartHub Wageningen* every week, which is where I help (potential) startups with banking issues. It is inspiring to see so much talent working on innovative ideas. In my work as Startup Coordinator and team member of our Teckle innovation service, I try to make my small contribution to their innovations by providing knowhow, access to a large network and financial advice. Being part of achieving business ambitions is my passion! So, if you’ve got an innovative idea let’s share the knowhow! I look forward to meeting you.”

Open walk in:

Wednesday 9-12 am: partner room StartLife, Plus Ultra Bronland 12H, Wageningen
Wednesday 13-17 pm: StartHub Wageningen, Vijfde Polder 1, Wageningen Campus.

Joey Borgers start-up startlife agri food partner expert
Joey Borgers, Startup Coordinator at Rabobank