Are you a researcher at Wageningen University & Research looking to scale the impact of your research?

We’re here to help you transform your high-quality research into a successful company. We believe entrepreneurship greatly enhances the societal impact of research performed within the university.

Since 2011, StartLife has built, supported, and funded more than 300 startups, many of which are based on cutting-edge science from Wageningen University & Research. We provide researchers with all the tools, training, network and funding required, so starting and growing a company becomes as efficient and effective as possible.

 Examples of successful science-backed startups we’ve worked with are:

  • Phenovation, developing high-tech detection systems using cameras to monitor plant stress
  • Foodcase, using a packaging technology to develop ambient meals for the airline industry
  • In2care, developing innovative pheromone-based trap systems to counter the spread of malaria in developing regions
  • BunyaVax, developing technologies to develop animal vaccines against infectious diseases faster, and more effectively.

How does it work?

If you’re a PhD student, post-doc, professor, or another fundamental- or applied researcher at Wageningen University or Wageningen Research, don’t hesitate to reach out to explore how we can help. There are two main options:

Personal intake

If you’d like to discuss the possibilities of creating impact with your research with us personally, you can request an intake with one of the StartLife coaches. Please send us an email explaining who you are and what your research is about.


Develop business skills as a student
At student incubator StartHub Wageningen, StartLife organises a wide range of workshops and courses that help students improve their business skills. Moreover, it is a meeting place for young scientists interested in entrepreneurship.

Courses for students

If you’re a BSc, MSc or PhD student exploring the possibility to start your own company, we can help as well. There are several courses and event specifically for Wageningen University students. These are organized by our student incubator StartHub Wageningen. In addition to courses, StartHub frequently organizes network events, drinks and inspiring guest lectures from successful entrepreneurs.