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Startup: Anoxia

A worthy end for each animal

Both in the poultry and pig industries euthanizing methods are used that do not deserve their name, and cause stress for farmers, staff and animals alike. Anoxia wants to contribute with an innovative technology solution, with an alternative, worthy method based on nitrogen gas in foam.  Animals immersed in this oxygen-less foam are being stunned very quickly without noticing. A painless death occurs in a few minutes. Without agony, without stress. In this way Anoxia’s innovative technology contributes to a better animal welfare, better working conditions for those involved and a better image for animal husbandry and the meat industry. The technology is simple and scalable to meet the needs of all sizes of farms.

Michiel van Mil

We anticipate to roll out our technology within Europe the next five years and create a better environment for animals, employees and entrepreneurs/farmers in agricultural businesses


Hanno Kiezebrink, MD

Michiel van Mil, R&D

Hans Mark Visser, Sales

Annette van der AA-Kuppler, Veterinarian

Wout van der Poel, Marketing/Corporate communication & Finance