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Startup: SmartFarming

SmartFarming develops smartphone applications (‘apps’) for farmers without access to cultivation/extension advice.

SmartFarming offers a smartphone application to increase the income of farmers in the global south. The app gives practical training tools which can support projects run by agricultural service providers.  Good agriculture starts with good information. The rapid growth of smartphones worldwide, in rural regions in particular, creates the opportunity to deliver critical, agricultural knowledge to rural low-income smallholder farmers in order to help them increase yields in an eco-friendly way.

The ambition of SmartFarming is to work intensively in the field alongside project staff and farmers. Jelle van den Akker, co-founder of SmartFarming: “We think we understand the main bottlenecks in extension and have developed a smartphone application to support extension staff and farmers. Our apps can contribute to existing and new programs of agri-businesses and make their work more effective. Automatic gathered data could be used for certification audits and identify potential improvements of trainings,”

Jelle van den Akker, co-founder of SmartFarming

We think we understand the main bottlenecks in agricultural extension



Jelle van den Akker
Co-founder SmartFarming
+31 (0) 6 407 31 948