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Startup: BLUE-tec

BLUE-tec bv realizes and develops novel membrane technologies like Forward Osmosis and Membrane Stripping for separation, concentration, reuse and recover of various aqueous streams.

BLUE-tec develops and realizes new membrane technologies like Forward Osmosis and Membrane Stripping. These technologies can operate in fields where classic membrane processes fail or would consume a big amount of energy, which enables far going concentration of various aqueous streams. These technologies are applied in the concentration of various processes in the food and chemical industry, zero liquid discharge in wastewater treatment and recovery of valuable materials from manure and domestic wastewater.

BLUE-tec has its own engineering capabilities, construction facilities and test center. BLUE-tec can take care of the whole process from first feasibility studies till full scale (turnkey) realization.

Lex van Dijk, CEO BLUE-tec

The worldwide scarcity of clean water and depletion of raw materials ask for new sustainable processes. BLUE-tec develops novel membrane technology like forward osmosis and membrane stripping technology to separate & concentrate, reuse & recover various aqueous streams



Lex van Dijk