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Startup: CCWood

CCWood is a Dutch start-up company that has developed and now introduces in the global market an innovative and patent pending technology for the treatment of wood flour.

The company developed a hydrophobic treatment of wood flour as a component of Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) material for application in mainly terraces, decking and construction.

WPC produced with the CCWood technology has been evaluated by the University of Ghent as durability class 1, with an expected lifetime before being affected by mould of more than 50 years. In comparison with WPC produced with non-treated wood flour this is a fivefold increase in lifetime.

WPC compounders and producers are currently testing the material in production circumstances with promising results.

Marco Pieterse

As entrepreneurial venture developers we are enthusiastic about the potential of the CCWood technology on the world market, in construction and infrastructure specifically.



Arie Besemer
Kees Nederveen
Marco Pieterse