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Startup: CCWood

CCWood is a Dutch startup that has developed an innovative and patent pending technology to reduce the water uptake of wood flour (saw dust) in order to increase the durability of composite products. Applications include e.g. outdoor applications (terraces, injection moulded objects and 3d printed materials).

Composite products containing cellulosic materials face two major problems: 1) degradation by water absorption and 2) by UV radiation, mutually reinforcing factors for decay. By reducing the water absorption, the activity of fungi and insects is strongly reduced, thereby decreasing the decay in composite products, while improving processability, increasing strength and lifetime significantly. Reduction of water absorption is a gamechanger as it makes the application of biopolymers in composite products possible, thus enabling completely bio-based and circular products.

CCWood aims to develop, validate and pilot innovative chemical and biological treatment technologies for the reduction of water absorption by wood flour. The improved materials can be applied in Wood (bio-) Polymer Composites (WPC), in additive manufacturing (3D printing) as well as in bulk moulding compounding. By using bio-polymers these products can be produced fully renewable.

The overall aim of CCWood is to improve the performance and sustainability of cellulosic material for its applications by:

  1. Innovative chemical and biological treatments resulting in 50% lower reduced water uptake of cellulosic material;
  2. Guaranteed lifetime of treated wood structures in WPC is doubled (+100%);
  3. Performance of the wood-based composites improving the competitive position of EU (ligno-) cellulosic material producers on global markets;
  4. Improved durability of the new bio-materials (simultaneously) reducing the use of fossil-based materials;
  5. Proven take-back and recycling schemes of wood-based composites and improved durability of composite products.

WPC compounders and producers are currently testing the material in production circumstances with promising results.


Marco Pieterse

As entrepreneurial venture developers we are enthusiastic about the potential of the CCWood technology on the world market, in construction and infrastructure specifically.



Marco Pieterse
Christian Koolloos
Philip Fokkelman
Arie Besemer
Kees Nederveen



Marco Pieterse: mp@cc-wood.com
Christian Koolloos: ck@cc-wood.com