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Startup: Sesolo Mello

In South Africa, paraffin – also known as kerosene – is used to heat household cook stoves, severely affecting public health. Sesolo Mello is a social startup that aims to substitute paraffin for a safer, healthier, and cheaper alternative: a biofuel blend apt for South African cook stoves.

Sesolo Mello’s biofuel is made of waste vegetable oils produced by the food processing industry. Every litre of Sesolo Mello fuel replacing paraffin saves the equivalent of 5.2 kg of CO2, contributing to safer and healthier living conditions.

Roy Hendriks, Executive Director and Co-founder of Sesolo Mello

We believe that entrepreneurship can tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. Sesolo Mello will support thousands of people at the bottom of the pyramid on their way to independence from fossil fuels.


  • Jacob Paul Bussmann
  • Roy Hendriks
  • Nico De Vriendt