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Startup: TripleT Biosciences

TripleT designs genes for the highest possible recombinant protein yield

TripleT offers a unique gene design service that optimises recombinant protein production. Thanks to its proprietary protein expression database, the company can customise any gene for any production host.

Unlike traditional gene optimisation tools, the startup both adapts the codon usage and ensures the most favourable mRNA structure for efficient and stable translation. Achieving the highest possible recombinant protein yield starts with gene design. Higher success rates in protein expression will enable future developments in industrial and red biotech.

The company was founded as a Wageningen University spin-off, and participates in StartLife’s Incubation Programme. Its team is backed by experts in molecular biology, biotechnology, entrepreneurship, and the industry.

Lucia Luijben, Founder at TripleT Biosciences

Our mission is to convert today’s knowledge about molecular biology into life-changing opportunities.

TripleT Biosciences


  • Lucia Luijben
  • Lotte Westerhof
  • Mark Sterken
  • Jelle van Leeuwen