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Startup: Duplaco

Duplaco: a cultivator of unique Chlorella micro algae in the Netherlands.

Duplaco is specialized in supplying the future food chain with specially selected Chlorella micro algae with unique nutritional profiles. Chlorella algae are single cell plants with a high nutritional value. The Duplaco Chlorella microalgae have a high protein content as well as large quantities of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, dietary fibres and other bioactive compounds. This makes Duplaco Chlorella a very healthy and sustainable ingredient in food supplements, protein shakes, meal replacers, smoothies, snack bars, food products such as meat alternatives, soups and sauces, and animal nutrition.

What makes Duplaco unique?

High quality: uniform composition, highly nutritious, extremely low microbial content, no heavy metals nor other contamination, unique algae strains, full cultivation control in closed bioreactor, strict quality control and assurance through in-house laboratory, FSSC 22000 and GMP+ certified. Good price / quality ratio: fair prices without quality complaints and recalls. Security of supply: produced in the Netherlands, full production control, stock management, short delivery times. Tasty: their microalgae have a mild and pleasant grassy/nutty flavor.