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Startup: EATME

Byebye plastic straws, hello fruitilicious edible straws!

Eatme is an early stage startup that replaces single use plastic straws with edible straws. Why? Because straws are still widely used for convenience. Several initiatives have tried (or are still trying) to ban the plastic straw. However this hasn’t been adopted by users yet. So if we can’t get rid of the plastic straws, let’s provide a better alternative with fruitilicious edible straws!

Our current prototype contains orange juice, vegetarian gelatine (from seaweed!) and only 4,5 grams of sugar! Eatme straws are available in two flavors: Orange and Superfood

Take a bite after your drink and enjoy the taste. Perfect for cocktails, fruit juices or to add some flavor to tap water.

“Our goal is to create a plastic straw-free world by providing a better alternative: straws that make your drink taste even better!”

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Everlyn Liu

No fish ever trashed your home. So let’s get rid of single-use plastic straws!



Everlyn Liu