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Startup: NOX

NOX is the first 100% natural sleep drink that makes you fall asleep faster, sleep better and wake up more refreshed.

A sound night’s sleep isn’t always a given. Indeed, a quarter of all Dutch people regularly suffer from poor sleep. We’re all familiar with those periods when our sleep quality is lacking. Existing sleep aids do not satisfy. On the one hand there are prescription pills that are effective, but also have severe side effects. On the other hand you have all kind of natural aids that are not effective. NOX is the first 100% natural sleep drink that actively promotes sleep. Its unique formula ensures that you fall asleep more easily, enjoy an undisturbed night’s sleep and wake feeling fully refreshed. Leaving you more than ready to face the day.

It is our mission to bring better sleep, and thus better living to all. By improving sleep, we can reduce stress, have the self-confidence to do what we desire and have the energy to fully enjoy art, music and life!


Fanar Al-Obaidy

Good Nights, Great Days.



Fanar Al-Obaidy

Cinta Abell

Simon Padt toevoegen