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Startup: Seamore

Seamore will create the future of tasty, healthy and sustainable food by putting 1 billion portions of seaweed on our plates before 2030. 

I sea pasta is a seaweed that nature disguised as tagliatelle. We eat too many carbs and not enough veggies. Now you can replace one with the other. Seamore’s next product? I sea bacon. Our company scouts varieties of seaweed that can be positioned as food we already love but then more healthy and sustainable, unlocking the true potential of the planet’s most sustainable source of food: seaweed. To do this the startup creates new product concepts, collaborates with harvesting partners and distributes their products to the world under the ‘I sea’ brand.

Motto: Some seaweed, we seamore

Willem Sodderland, Founder & Seaweirdo

When I first ate himanthalia I really thought it was pasta. My next thought after discovering it was seaweed: what if we would replace half the pasta in the world with it? Now – knowing there are 10.000 species - we believe we can really help change the world



  • Willem Sodderland
  • Waldo van Leeuwen
  • Carel Callenbach