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Startup: Wasabi4you

Wasabi4You is the first European producer of foodproducts with real Wasabi!

The secrets about real Wasabi.

First, forget everything you know about Wasabi, because it’s all fake.

Wasabi4You has created the first 100% pure natural real Wasabi paste in the world and also without any additives and preservatives. Thats why it is called Wasabi Pure(e).

Recently Wasabi4You is producing Wasabi Pure(e) for one of the largest wellknown Dutch retailorganisations for making Wasabi Mayonaise with real Wasabi.

Also the worldwide Sushi industry has ordered for Wasabi Pure(e) in small sachets, because it will make Sushi undoubtedly far more tastier and also healthier. Because it is secret that the taste of true Wasabi is much subtle and not as explosive as you already may have experienced. Another secret is that originally, Wasabi has been added to raw fish to avoid possibly food poisoning. To meet this demand a packingmachine is necessary.

Mr. Wasabi needs your help to make this happen.

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Leendert Bom

Mr. Wasabi's ambition and vision is to let everyone enjoy real Wasabi in all its facets


Leendert Bom (Mr. Wasabi)


Wasabi4You BV

Vaartuigenlaan 53

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