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Startup: Waterly

Our goal is to make tap water addictively tasty!

We want everybody to experience the benefits of being hydrated. Most of us forget, or just don’t like, to drink enough water during a day’s hard work. Our Waterly tap adds small amounts of fresh cold pressed fruit and herb juices to your water. Without any other additives and less than 7 calories. Our unique recipes give a new dimension to drinking tap water, which makes staying hydrated a lot easier.

The idea of Waterly is based on our frustration about the lack of healthy drinks available on the working floor. After drinking numerous of obligated glasses of plain water we decided to put our frustration into motivation. And now we are dedicated to make you experience how addictively tasty Waterly tap water can be!

waterly food startup startlife bart verweijen

Bart Verweijen, Founder of Waterly

Together we make every drop count!



Bart Verweijen

Linda Kester

Merel Hoogmoed

Jemma van Gurchom





Westzijderveld 71 R, 1507 AA, Zaandam