Mentor: Harald van Santen

Digital Business Navigator – Step-up Realisation – eCommerce Director

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Personal offer
I offer the full use of my experience in setting up organisations and IT solutions to make dreams come true. Of course, my network will also be open to start-ups I mentor. The challenge I bring is that I will always ask the “why this” question, and immediately follow it with “why not that”. I am convinced it will help you strengthen insights, broaden your horizon and solidify your approach. I am open, honest and direct, but also helpful, transparent and understanding. And business is serious and hard work, but it should also be big fun!

I am at home in environments that need growth or change. I thrive when there is a clear ambition and vision that aims for the stars but still needs the rocket built. I challenge existing business models, (co-)invent new solutions and apply modern day concepts to create growth strategies. Changing and thoroughly optimizing a growing company throughout all its aspects in close cooperation with all stakeholders, investors and customers.

I am challenged by business goals which seem impossible to achieve. I assess the possibilities, try to look beside the obvious and then actually achieve the goals. I remain intrigued by seemingly unsurpassable canyons between company disciplines. I bridge these canyons and cross them. My varied background and experience is very helpful in such situations, and I’d love to offer that to help start-ups grow faster and stronger.

Skills & expertise

  • Business Operations
  • ICT & process streamlining
  • Thinking ahead in strategy rollout
  • Connecting different disciplines
  • Growing a business from idea to reality


2015-2017       Director Operations @ e-commerce company

2011-2015       Programme Manager e-commerce @ retail company

2006-2011       Change manager & business consultant @ many different companies

Previous          horticultural entrepreneur in China and the Netherlands, IT & Internet consultant