Mentor: Krijn de Nood

CEO Simba Meat & independent strategy consultant

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Personal offer
I want to help turn amazing science and technology into successful businesses. My focus on the business side of things can help attract more funding, which gives the starters more resources to dedicate to the science and technology.

I have a fascination for science and for the food industry. Science solves the world’s largest challenges and a lot of challenges we face today are food related. Unfortunately, I’m not a food scientist.

Fortunately, I also like business. Running a successful business basically means that people are willing to pay for the idea, service or product you have developed. If you succeed at this, it’s an amazing feeling.

What I’ve learnt over the years is that scientists don’t always appreciate the business side of things and vice versa. But in successful organizations scientists must understand how business works and business people have to understand the science. If you succeed, the sky is the limit (good science creates good ideas, which creates funds to do more goods science, which creates … (you get the point).

I would love to help start-ups build the bridge between science and business.

Skills and field of expertise

  • Strategic planning
  • Business plan development
  • Cost optimization management
  • Career coaching and development


2017-now CEO Simba Meat & Independent management consultant
2011-2017 Management Consultant, McKinsey & Company, Amsterdam/New York/Nairobi
2009-2010 Stock option trader, All Options, Amsterdam
2008-2009 Investment Banking Analyst, Barclays Capital, London
2001-2008 MSc Economics and BA in Philosophy, University of Amsterdam

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