Kaz Vermeer

Startup Business Coach

As Startup Business Coach at StartLife Kaz supports several startups in the StartLife ecosystem with his entrepreneurial experience. Kaz has a background from Delft University of Technology, where he graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 2017.

In early 2019, he and two partners founded VanBoven: an AgriTech startup providing harvest predictions to open-field vegetable growers. After a successful market introduction in 2021, VanBoven’s broccoli service was acquired in early 2022.

Kaz enjoys helping new founders navigate their way through the first years of their startup journey. He takes a particular interest in translating big dreams into tangible actions and moving towards market introduction as quickly as possible. Kaz has experience in startup financing, validation, sales, recruiting and general management. He is most comfortable in the digital world of data, software and AI. Given his mixed TU Delft and Agri background Kaz has a strong network both in the agricultural and high-tech ecosystems.


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