Neeltje Tuni

Office Manager

In June 2022, Neeltje joined the StartLife team as our Office Manager. Her role reaches from supporting the entire team to streamlining StartLife’s office processes. She is the first voice you’ll hear calling the office number, and the first face you’ll see visiting the office. If you ever have difficulties reaching another team member, she’ll come to your rescue.

Neeltje has a caring, radiant, spontaneous and open personality. Her natural focus is on options, possibilities and fascinating ideas and on making life pleasant and positive. Freedom and adventure are her paramount for enjoying life. With a high emphasis on fun, she simultaneously uses herself as a benchmark on what feels good and whether she is on track. She likes to put energy into connecting things, information and people.

Just like in her private life, she also finds it important that events happen around the workplace – a place with a lot of dynamics, new ideas and developments. She strongly believes that every day there are new opportunities to be caught, so ‘start before you are ready’.

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