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Team: Bram van Beek

Marketing & Communication Manager

Bram van Beek oversees and implements the strategic and operational marketing & communication activities within StartLife. He is to ensure that (future) startups and stakeholders find their way to StartLife and our message gets across in a clear and consistence manner. His mission is to position StartLife as the leading incubator in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship for agrifoodtech startups in the Netherlands and beyond.

Aside from his (digital) marketing competencies Bram brings in over 12 years experience of fostering entrepreneurship and supporting innovative startups. In the past he lead an accelerator program similar to StartLife at Maastricht University. After that he managed various projects that promoted entrepreneurship and innovation in the Utrecht region and was advisor to numerous startups and SME’s. He was also founder and owner of a Dutch business datingsite where startups could find a co-founder. It is no exaggeration to say that Bram lives and breathes startups.

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