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As you develop your company, you will encounter challenges that are typically tackled with the support of external professional services. Think of accounting, grant applications, intellectual property, legal, human resources, growth marketing, and upscaling. Our trusted partners know how to work with startups and have supported many of your peers before.

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BDO employs advisers who can support and assist you in a variety of issues. You may not yet be familiar with them because you have spent as little time as possible on taxes and accounting. However, it is essential to make the right (financial) decisions so your organization can grow and develop further. So it’s about time you got better acquainted!

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Catalyze is committed to accelerating innovations that have a positive impact on the world. They are the driving force for innovations across the fields of Life Sciences and Sustainability. Their offering of strategic consulting services, funding consulting, project management and more, deliver impactful expertise for all development stages. With a proven track record and the highest quality and success rate in the industry, they aim to be the consulting partner of choice to drive the success of meaningful innovation projects.

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EP&C advises on how to create an effective IP strategy. Protecting your company’s activities is not limited to filing a patent application. We believe it starts with your EP&C attorney understanding the challenges you face. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? EP&C makes sure they know your business case so they can provide effective advice and support in IP matters.

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FlexIEbel specializes in commercial and corporate contracting, IT and IP contracting. With their personal and pragmatic approach, they are trusted legal advisors to many startups and scale-ups. FlexIEbel advises the startups enrolled in the StartLife Accelerate program on several legal topics both by means of plenary as one-to-one sessions. This investment has led to several long-term relationships with clients after they graduated from the StartLife curriculum.

For (former) StartLife startups, an introduction meeting at FlexIEbel’s Arnhem offices or at one of the StartLife facilities will always be free of charge.

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NIZO is one of the most renowned contract research organizations for better food and health in the world. It is a private and independent company, headquartered in Ede (the Netherlands) in the heart of the Food Valley region, employing over 100 scientists and support staff. It teams up with its customers in their innovation process when reformulating existing products and the creation of new ones. Whatever the challenge, only by looking at it holistically successful and sustainable products can be created. NIZO brings together experts in many different areas of food science and production including: protein technology, fermentation, bioinformatics, health, food processing, food safety and sensory experiences of food.

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NoMilk2Day connects organizations and professionals active in agribusiness, food and industry. Always driven by shared ambitions. So that together we can make an impact on our world. That is their vision. NoMilk2Day believes that ‘connecting ambitions’ is the most powerful factor for success. Nomilk2day Headhunters provides a platform for every step on your career ladder. For permanent and temporary positions in the 50-250k salary range. Their services focus on executive search, recruitment and interim.

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Normec Foodcare originated from a collaboration between leading laboratories, expertise and consulting firms, inspection and training organizations in the food sector. All with decades of experience. Together they form Normec Foodcare: partner in testing, inspection & compliance.

The basis of the added value Normec Foodcare delivers within the sector is the mission and vision. Based on that conviction, they help organizations with food consultancy, lab analyses and sensory research to make an even better contribution to quality in the entire chain. From raw material to consumer.

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Planet is a non-profit organization established to develop the Biotech Campus Delft into the scale up campus for industrial biotechnology in Europe. It focuses on two activities: providing biotech firms access to top class labs and offices; second, it actively supports collaboration in an ecosystem that offers biotech firms whatever they need to scale up and grow.

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Zebra Legal works with entrepreneurs and their businesses. From founding a venture to forming strategic partnerships and raising investment. Zebra Legal is not merely driven by legal answers but also looks at strategic, commercial and personal factors. Their style is practical and personal and they value long-term relationships.

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