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The StartLife startup community is made up of high-potential startups that bring innovative ideas to life in Food and Agriculture. Our startups disrupt areas like algae production and food ingredients; they design and develop novel food products and highly advanced technological innovations. Examples of innovations are the asparagus harvesting machine and drones deployed to optimise land use in the tropics.

Since 2011, StartLife has supported and contracted more than 170 startups. The StartLife community is permanently on the lookout for new funding opportunities. New funding will enable StartLife startups to launch their innovative Food and Agri solutions, boost their businesses, and enhance the innovation landscape of the Netherlands.

We warmly welcome investors, business angels, corporate ventures, and venture capitalists to contact us and meet our high-potential startups that convert business ideas into lasting impact.

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To help Food and Agri startups grow, StartLife founded F&A Next: Europe’s first platform that links startups and investors in the domain of Food and Agriculture. Visit the website of F&A Next.