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Innovative food technologies play a vital role in improving our health and nutrition, promoting environmental sustainability and delivering economic growth. Explore and build the future of food!


To sustainably feed our growing global population, farmers require agriculture technologies providing higher yields, healthier crops and minimizing environmental impact. Enter the world of agritech!

Looking to transform agrifood systems with cutting-edge technology?

Benefit from our world-renowned agrifoodtech ecosystem, with its beating heart in Wageningen, Food Valley.

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Tomorrow’s challenge

Tomorrow’s global food supply challenges demand a radical approach to innovation in the food and agriculture sectors today. Due to their innovative capacity, StartLife believes that startups are the propelling force behind the agrifoodtech innovations required to meet global food demand in the future. Our mission is to accelerate agrifoodtech startups shaping a sustainable food system.

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Amazing Cases

Reducing Food Waste

This Dutch FoodTech company provides a food waste prevention technology that accurately predicts the shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

Cultivating the Seafood of Tomorrow

This Singapore-based company is building the future of sustainable seafood without a catch.
Umami Bioworks

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