Meet the Food and Agri enterprises of the future
StartLife is a thriving community that consists of more than 258 startups. StartLife supports entrepreneurs and their teams as they develop innovative business ideas into global enterprises with a lasting impact. Scroll down to meet our community and learn what StartLife has to offer.

StartLife Incubation Program
For startups, we created the StartLife Incubation Program. This is a three-stage process that helps you design a solid business plan, understand your customers, and become investor ready. To complement its Incubation Program, StartLife organises workshops and events that improve the competences of startup teams.

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Startup funding
To fund initial business activities, startups that participate in the StartLife Incubation Program can apply for a pre-seed loan. Moreover, StartLife has a specific offering for students looking for funding, as well as an extensive network of investors that can provide additional funding.

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Mentoring program
Every StartLife startup get’s the opportunity to receive support from a senior professional active in our mentoring program.

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Startup community
In the last ten years StartLife supported over 258 early stage startups working on a technological innovation in Food and Agriculture.

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258 Startups contracted and supported
1215 Jobs created by the startups
96M Money raised by the startups


A selection of our Startups active in Food

Algreen Boxbites Caenator Carezzo Duplaco EATME Foodcase International Fotein Fruitfiguurtje GreenFood50 Hacklent Heacado Hollanda Fair Foods Homegrape Konnekt Smartdrinks MADbio MilkWays MycoCycling No Fairytales NOX NutriLeads Phycom Sabofa Seamore TheAlgaeFactory TinyFoods Vallei vis Verdi Food Vexx Wasabi4you Waterly

A selection of our Startups active in Agriculture

AgOS AgroTechniq Anoxia B-Mex Bio Innovations Centre for Sustainability Cerescon ClearDetections Eaglesensing Hudson River Biotechnology Livestock Robotics Multi Tool Trac MusaRadix Onszaden Phenovation Pherobank Plant-e Serket Sigrow Sitrac SmartFarming TEN Innovation Design VitalFluid WEFARMERS Wingssprayer Zip Drill

A selection of our Startups active in Crossovers and other startups

BLUE-tec CCWood Chaincraft Deena Bioinformatics Goodhout In2Care Indugras LabTIE Mali Biocarburant Pectcof RedVan Sesolo Mello Student Safaris Surfix TripleT Biosciences Vicancy Vuurs Yellow Pallet