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StartLife à la Carte

A tailored support program for Food and AgriTech startups with a strong product-market fit, that are seeking to leverage StartLife’s ecosystem to accelerate the growth of their business.

StartLife à la Carte

A tailored support program for Food and AgriTech startups with a strong product-market fit, that are seeking to leverage StartLife’s ecosystem to accelerate the growth of their business.

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At StartLife we believe that startups are the driving force behind innovation and that innovative agrifoodtech startups can make a lasting impact on the world. However, the fact that only one out of every ten startups thrives past the five year mark, indicates that entrepreneurs who enter the food and agri domain face many challenges.

Even seasoned serial entrepreneurs with plenty of skills and business knowledge run into serious roadblocks when entering the world of FoodTech and AgriTech. With StartLife à la Carte you can skip the starters and head straight to the main menu, where you can choose to connect with and learn from peers or initiate collaborations with investors, researchers and corporate partners.

What's on StartLife's À la Carte menu?

A dedicated StartLife Business Coach

Each service you choose comes with a dedicated coach from our StartLife team to act as a lead contact person. Four business coaching sessions will get you started in StartLife’s global agrifoodtech ecosystem.

Peer-to-Peer sessions

Share learnings, discuss challenges and spark connections during annual peer-to-peer sessions with like-minded startups from your domain.

Pre-seed Loan

If you’re company is registered in the Netherlands, successful completion of the program may result in a pre-seed loan from StartLife, ranging from €25,000 up to €250,000.

Access to our network of investors

Get connected to investors that provide funding from seed to growth.

Access to our network of corporate partners

Get connected to our global corporate partnership network and push your business forward.

Access to our network at Wageningen University & Research

Talk to and learn from some of the world’s leading researchers.

Access to talent

With Wageningen University next door, we’re in close proximity of young agrifoodtech talents. Hire the best of the bizz by promoting your job vacancies on StartLife’s Job Portal.

Support from mentors

Launch a one-to-one mentorship with senior professionals, serial entrepreneurs and business angels.

Support from our program partners

Make use of professional support services from our program partners.

Office & Meeting Spaces on Wageningen Campus

Exchange your natural habitat for an office or meeting facility on Wageningen Campus.

Who can apply?

StartLife à la Carte is open to startup teams working on technologies and new business models in the food, agriculture or bio based economy. We are particularly interested in ideas with a clear technical focus and a strong innovative aspect. Our criteria for entry are as follows:

  • You are active in FoodTech or AgriTech
  • You are addressing a relevant social, health or environmental need
  • You are developing a highly innovative technology or product
  • You are beyond the idea phase
  • You have at least two founders able to participate for the full
    duration of the program
  • You have the ambition to scale and grow fast

How do I apply?

Simply send us a pre-application through the button below. We will run a quick check and contact you for an informal one-on-one talk. We accept promising agrifoodtech startups from all over the world on a rolling basis. So today is a good day to apply for StartLife’s support.


What is the difference with StartLife Accelerate?

All elements from StartLife à la Carte are also included in StartLife Accelerate. Yet the latter is limited to 8-10 carefully selected participants each round and includes an additional high-quality curriculum with workshops and training on team, product & customer validation and investor-readiness. Plus the possibility to become eligible for loans up to €250.000.

Which StartLife program is best suited for me?

If you’re new to entrepreneurship or want to breathe life into your innovative business idea with loans from €25.000 to €250.000, following StartLife Accelerate with the curriculum is most likely your best pick. StartLife à la Carte is first and foremost designed for more seasoned entrepreneurs who are new to foodtech, agtech or bio agtech and are looking for valuable business connections, professional support and investment opportunities.

Am I eligible for StartLife support if we are not based in the Netherlands?

Absolutely. We support startups from all over the world. However, only startups that are registered in the Netherlands are eligible for StartLife’s pre-seed loan.

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