Loss of biodiversity is one of the biggest threats to our planet, and the current food system is the greatest cause of that loss. Lidl works to reduce their impact on biodiversity. Those efforts need to grow and get stronger if we want to stop biodiversity loss. Together with StartLife, Lidl wants to accelerate that positive change and is calling agricultural-focused startups to collaborate on conserving and protecting biodiversity. Apply now for the Lidl NL Biodiversity Startup Challenge 2023!

Lidl is on a mission to make a sustainable and a healthy lifestyle affordable and accessible to everyone. To accomplish that, Lidl has an ambitious sustainability strategy. The strategy aims to take action throughout the entire supply chain, from farm to fork. The strategy is composed of six focus topics, from local to global impact: 

  1. Respecting Biodiversity
  2. Protecting Climate
  3. Conserving Resources
  4. Acting Fairly 
  5. Engaging in Dialogue
  6. Promoting Health

Calling for Impactful Biodiversity Solutions!

For this challenge, we are looking for solutions for the following two global drivers of biodiversity loss.

  1. Environmental pollution
  2. Overuse of terrestrial ecosystems

Does your startup/scaleup have a fitting solution? Then continue reading!

What is in it for you?

Your company will be given the opportunity to research, develop or work on a pilot project together with Lidl Netherlands and its value chain partners.

Selection Process

May: StartLife will interview the companies that applied and select up to 10 startups/scaleups

June:  Selected companies will digitally pitch their company and technology to Lidl

July: Up to 3 companies will be selected for the engagement phase which includes a face to face “value chain” meeting together with Lidl, StartLife and other value chain partners.

How to apply to the Lidl NL Biodiversity Startup Challenge 2023?

Make sure to send in your application by 28 April 2023 via the form below. 

For queries or questions, please send an email to lidl@start-life.nl.