Growing towards a successful company together! You have successfully navigated the first phase of starting your own business, but have now reached a stage where you want to go to the next level. You need a qualified adviser and coach, who can help you with the growth of your business. Someone who asks positive yet critical questions and assists you with ideas. Someone who serves as a sparring partner, helps you to make the right financial and legal decisions and thus enables you to run your business effectively.

BDO, premium partner of StartLife, employs advisers who can support and assist you in a variety of issues. You may not yet be familiar with us because you have spent as little time as possible on taxes and accounting. However, it is essential to make the right (financial) decisions so your organisation can grow and develop further. So it’s about time we got better acquainted!

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The BDO team (left to right) Frank van Vierssen, Hans Lankhuijzen, Rachel Dibbets and Bas Wissing


Who are we?

We are an innovative and international accounting and advisory organisation. Our activities are carried out via local entrepreneurship, which is part of a strong worldwide network. Within the Netherlands, we employ 2150 advisers at 28 divisions throughout the country. Our advisers are able to identify with our clients. They are committed and do everything to familiarise themselves with specific problems. Together with fellow advisers and specialists within the BDO organisation, we make sure our clients receive tailor-made, practical and high quality solutions for a wide range of issues. Because we are part of the international BDO network, we are also able to offer clients appropriate advice in other countries.

Our vision?

We are convinced that mutual trust forms the foundation for our success and that of our clients. We believe lasting trust can be created by establishing committed and personal relationships between our employees and our clients.  Therefore, everything we do is aimed at developing such relationships, because we realise that, besides regulations and numbers, people are also an important factor. And not everyone is the same. Not everyone has the same vision towards their activities. How we implement our knowledge differs from organisation to organisation and from person to person. It is not about showing what we can do; it’s about what you need. But also about who you need. We always aim to create the perfect match, not only from a professional perspective, but also from a personal perspective.

What can we offer you?

We help start-ups in the food, technology and life science sectors to grow in a responsible manner. This involves using a multi-disciplinary approach to offer advice and support that is actually useful to you. Because, as a relatively new entrepreneur, you will face numerous challenges and issues. Starting a business is relatively easy, but to keep it growing in a responsible manner is another matter. What should you do and what should you definitely avoid? Which threats and opportunities will you encounter on the way? A team featuring enthusiastic BDO professionals will help you to find out. The main contact persons in the team will be introduced to you below.

Our advisers can assist you in many areas. For instance, we offer our clients advice in the following fields:

  • finances;
  • establishing and/or managing bookkeeping;
  • compiling annual accounts and publications;
  • compiling tax returns for income, turnover, salary and corporation tax.
  • selecting an appropriate legal structure;
  • personnel policy;
  • strategy;
  • efficiency-related issues;
  • fiscal advice and optimisation;
  • corporate governance.

Questions or you want to learn more about BDO and our advisors? We invite you to pop into our office in Plus Ultra.

Open walk in:
Wednesday 9-12 am: partner room StartLife, Plus Ultra Bronland 12H, Wageningen
Wednesday 13-17 pm: StartHub Wageningen, Vijfde Polder 1, Wageningen Campus.

An appointment on any other day is possible as well. Just send an e-mail to to make an appointment.

We look forward to meeting you at our office in Plus Ultra Wageningen or StartHub Wageningen!

The BDO experts:

Rachel Dibbets, Accountant AA, is senior adviser at BDO. She has helped organisations and start-ups with (financial) advice over the past 20 years and is the first point of contact for StartLife. Over the past 5 years, she has increasingly specialised in offering advice about efficiency and financing, while focusing on FoodValley. Rachel is renowned for her pragmatic and effective approach, as well as her enthusiasm for working together to achieve better results.

Hans Lankhuijzen, partner Audit & Assurance, is the main point of contact for StartLife together with Rachel. Hans is a member of the national BDO sector group called ‘FOOD’, and uses his position to represent the interests of FoodValley. He has considerable experience in guiding large and medium-sized food companies, incubators and start-ups. He is someone who quickly earns trust by trusting others. He lives in Bennekom and normally works at the BDO offices in Ede and Apeldoorn. Hans is valued for his solution-oriented attitude.

Frank van Vierssen has worked as senior lawyer at BDO since 2016. Before joining BDO, he spent 9.5 years working in the legal profession. He has thus acquired considerable knowledge of procedures and advice within his specialisations of employment law and national/international contracts. One of Frank’s main aims is to translate (complex) legal issues into practically deployable solutions.

Bas Wissing is the point of contact for all tax affairs. Bas is a highly experienced all-round tax consultant. Since 1989 he has been helping (starting) businesses and entrepreneurs to optimise their fiscal positions in various fields and for various projects, both for their private financial affairs and their business affairs. Personal characteristics: expert, orderly, accurate, no nonsense, accessible. Through the years, Bas has been responsible for of a large number of fiscal publications. In addition, he is member of the BDO Holland/Germany Desk, which means that Bas does not only speak English, but is also fluent in German.

Jeroen Holtkamp has worked as a junior-advisor at BDO since 2016. He has an active interest in innovation and is eager to function as a sparring partner for startups in the (pre) seed phase. Jeroen is known for his analytic and pragmatic approach. He is the first point of contact for BDO at the StartHub and can advise starting businesses in setting up their company structure and advise about their tax obligations. Furthermore he can provide help with the administration, filing taxes and offer help with financial reporting as well.