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EP&C, partner of StartLife, can assist start-ups in all matters concerning Intellectual Property (IP). IP is often deployed to support a company’s activities. Conversely, a company does not want to be confronted with IP of other parties that may affect its activities.

EP&C advises on how to create an effective IP strategy. Protecting your company’s activities is not limited to filing a patent application. We believe it starts with your EP&C attorney understanding the challenges you face. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? We make sure we know your business case so we can provide effective advice and support in IP matters.

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Why working with EP&C?

Smart use of budget

We understand that at the start of your enterprise budget is not infinite. Therefore, you have to be smart to deal with the protection of IP and the associated costs. You have to make strategic choices. We will gladly help you with that.


We are used to dealing with areas of technologies in which a great many patents have already been granted. With plenty of obstacles en route, there is often little room to manoeuvre and little margin for protection. This is our forte, however, and our attorneys will help you navigate your way to the right solution.

Putting quality first

Just as you only get one shot at a patent application, we only get one shot at providing you with the right support and advice. This is why quality comes first, with teamwork as our driving force.

Keeping it simple

Patent law is complex and we consider it our responsibility to provide you with step-by-step guidance and information that will help you expand your knowledge and understanding of Intellectual Property rights.

EP&C experts

Mark Jolink
On Wednesday you will find Mark at the PlusUltra and StartHub buildings. As a Dutch & European Patent Attorney, Mark is specialized in food & nutrition, bio-based product technology, biotechnology & biochemistry, healthcare & medicine, and medical equipment.

He can help assess if you have something worth patenting, or explain what is needed for a patent application and what the associated costs are. He can also look at relevant (patent) rights of third parties. He can look at all this in the early stages of your business, to avoid problems later. You can reach Mark by emailing to MJO@epc.nl.

Feel free to come along with any IP-related topic that keeps you busy!

Roelie Kingma
On campus, you can also meet Roelie Kingma of EP&C. Roelie studied Food Technology at Wageningen University and Research, specialising in food biotechnology and food chemistry. She then went on to complete a PhD in Biochemistry from Utrecht University.

Roelie likes to write and enjoys simplifying the jargon used in watertight legal documentation. By listening, and asking the right questions, she likes to get right to the heart of the matter: “After all, it’s not only about what you want to protect, it’s about where you want your business to end up.” You can reach Roelie by emailing to RKI@epc.nl.

Feel free to come along with any IP-related topic that keeps you busy!

Open walk in:

Wednesday 9-12 am: partner room StartLife, Plus Ultra Bronland 12H, Wageningen
Wednesday 13-17 pm: StartHub Wageningen, Vijfde Polder 1, Wageningen Campus.