We’re thrilled to unveil the 15 startups selected for the 12th StartLife Accelerate cohort, our biggest ever cohort, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards fostering innovation in the AgriFoodTech sector. These startups have been chosen after an intensive selection process, involving in-depth discussions, application reviews, and a commitment to finding those with the potential to revolutionize the way we think about our food systems.

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Our planet’s future depends on our ability to optimize resource utilization and ensure sustainability from farm to fork. The selected startups stand at the forefront of this challenge, offering cutting-edge solutions that promise biodiversity, increased crop yields, better resource ulitization, and the development of a healthy, sustainable food system.

Get to know the startups below and if you would like to meet them, we’d love for you to join us at our Fall Demo Day on 26 September.

Sallea (🇨🇭)

Sallea‘s platform technology enables the manufacturing of edible scaffolds, which provide the basis for the cultivation of whole cuts and other highly structured types of meat and fish.

Nitrovolt (🇩🇰)

Nitrovolt aims to decarbonize the nitrogen-based fertilizer production one farm at the time, cut the logistic costs of distributing fertilizer, and make the agricultural sector more resilient to external factors and political issues.

Aspyre Foods (🇿🇦)

Aspyre Foods is producing sustainable, ethical and affordable dairy products, without cows and without compromise.

Biocsol (🇧🇪)

Biocsol provides farmers with affordable, field efficient, environmental and biodiversity friendly biopesticides solutions.

Bionomic (🇳🇱)

Bionomic is a startup dedicated to plant health and crop protection – through the implementation of biopesticides, it aims to enhance agricultural productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

Carapace (🇳🇱)

Carapace is a hybrid company which specializes in the product development of bio-based, biodegradable and bioactive fertilizer coatings, and the manufacturing of pre-mix coating formulations.

BOB FoodTech (🇮🇱)

BOB Food Tech empowers the cultured meat and seafood industry to achieve its goal of delivering affordable cultured protein products accessible to everyone.

Concert Bio (🇬🇧)

Concert Bio is developing microbial products for soilless agriculture growers to improve yield and prevent disease.

EcoCrystal (🇮🇱)

EcoCrystal aims to bring innovation to the pigment industry by producing a versatile, safe, and biodegradable replacement for titanium dioxide.

Genuine Taste (🇨🇦)

Genuine Taste is a B2B venture producing cultivated fat to give juiciness, mouthfeel, and improved nutrition to alternative meat.

Hoop Solar (🇩🇪)

Hoop Solar is developing a semi-transparent solar solution for plastic greenhouses, enabling growers to produce clean energy while allowing sufficient light through for horticulture.

Mizusense (🇳🇱)

Mizusense develops an affordable and biodegradable wireless soil sensor using cutting-edge printed transistor technology with a user-friendly digitalization platform to gather and analyse sensor data.

New Dawn Bio (🇳🇱)

New Dawn Bio is pioneering the future of wood production through cutting-edge biotechnology and innovation, inspired by the principles behind cultured meat production: wood that’s not cut from trees, but grown from cells.

Smart Protein (🇳🇱)

Smart Protein is a revolutionary biotech platform that produces high concentrated digestible single-cell proteins – protein without footprints.

Techponics (🇨🇭)

Techponics has created the first-ever automated cultivation system for leafy greens on a hydroponic pond.

About StartLife Accelerate

As part of the StartLife Accelerate program, these entrepreneurs will have the unique opportunity to connect with a network of agrifood investors, collaborate with leading corporates, and gain insights from experts at Wageningen University & Research. Through dedicated workshops, one-on-one mentorship, and expert guidance, they will be well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the AgriFood sector.

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