Adrie Kuyper

Adrie Kuyper is an internationally experienced investor and entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur at heart, I love helping others with new innovative ideas to improve the world we live in. With extensive experience in scaling products and systems, I can help you evaluate and navigate the pros and cons involved.

From an agricultural background, with Food Science and Technology and business degrees, I have worked all over the world in Agri/Food, Banking, Consulting, E-Commerce and Fintech.

I would love to share the knowledge I have gained with start-ups and help them achieve their goals.

Skills and field of expertise

  • R&D
  • new product development
  • new product launch in chain management
  • food and fintech
  • Team building and talent management
  • Strategy and negotiation skills
  • Operations and sales management
  • M&A, VC investing, restructuring
  • FMCG, B2B, B2C
  • Extensive international experience (fluent in 6 languages)


Feel free to contact me if you need support or advice in relation to supporting growth and expansion for people and startups to achieve their mission.

Adrie Kuyper