Dietmar Serbée

With well over 25 years of experience you may call Dietmar Serbée a seasoned and entrepreneurial machine vision specialist.  He started as an application engineer and via entrepreneurship he became Director Product and Market strategy at a listed European vision company. He then moved on to become managing director at one of Europe’s leading machine vision technology providers for science and industry. In March 2020 he retired from this position and started to spend his time on supporting innovative tech startups.

Startups need to interact with their target groups and stakeholders in various areas, but often do not take the time or lag the knowledge or network to do so. Here is where Dietmar’s experience with all stakeholders of complex technical products, such as users (OEM, machine builders, system integrators), developers, suppliers, manufacturers, maintenance teams, marketing, shareholders and even competition comes in hand. Dietmar can help you define the right functionality, industrial design, the Man-Machine interface, feedback from users, redevelopment, finances and support you on many other aspects of your business.

Dietmar has a MSc in Electrotechnical Engineering from TU Delft. Vision is his passion, providing “Eyes” to machines and robots.

Skills and field of expertise

  • Leadership
  • Strategy & Entrepreneurship
  • Product development & management
  • Image processing/computer & machine vision
  • Robotics
  • Sales
  • Finance


You can first of all benefit from the pitfalls and possibilities of entrepreneurship, I experienced. Furthermore, I can guide you with product development, portfolio management, product roll-outs, product/market combinations, sales/distribution, financing and even on indeep technical issues (software, hardware, algorithms, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence) in Robotics and Machine Vision.


Any agrifood startup that wants to get to the next level with a product; building a new strategy/vision, exploring markets/customers, product improvement, overcoming technical challenges or setting up production.

Personal quote

“Learn from your mistakes, enjoy the successes!”

Dietmar Serbée