Han van den Elshout

Han van den Elshout is currently R&D Manager at Internsnack, a major manufacturer of potato chips and snacks in Europe. Han has a strong operational experience in FMCG, having been involved in operations and innovation management for the last 20 years. Starting in finance, he moved on to project management followed by innovation management of a broad portfolio. In this role he was also process and ingredient responsible and created clear strategies for business improvement based on lean management and continuous improvement. In addition, Han has strong experience with change management,

He has been actively involved in big organizational changes, like factory closures, several organization optimization projects and the creation of a European Centre of Operational Excellence in Paris, which has been his base for 2 years. In his current role as R&D manager at Internsnack, he is responsible for companywide Nuts and Peanut butter category as well as innovation management for the Benelux division.

Han has a MBA from the University of San Francisco, and a BSc in Agricultural Engineering.

Skills and field of expertise

  • Application of concepts
  • Customer Insights
  • Project management
  • Financial management
  • Operations management
  • Packaging


A sparring partner who is willing to challenge and work together to come to optimized viable concepts or final applications. Doing this in a structured way, applying proven project management principles.


Ambitious startups in the food sector with a sound base idea or concept.

Personal quote

“Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.”

Steve Jobs
Han van den Elshout