Jeoffrey van den Berg

Jeoffrey van den Berg is a serial-entrepreneur who just loves the challenge of starting up new activities.

Starting up new activities is what Jeoffrey does best. He has been enjoying it for more than 15 years already. As as student he built a company that developed high-tech energy management systems for pleasure yachts. Later he built and successfully sold his company Flowid, which involved high tech chemical reactors that are implemented in production processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry worldwide. For some time he was interim CFO at SAIA Agrobotics, one of StartLife’s startups. And now he is actively involved with floating solar parks.

Jeoffrey’s strength is being able to translate difficult and abstract technology into understandable transparent concepts that makes people enthusiastic. With great pleasure he has given countless presentations that have led to different awards, but more importantly, in the trust and adaptation of a newcomer in a highly conservative industry. He likes to create motivated and professional teams and know how to convert relationships into win-win partnerships.

Skills and field of expertise

  • Business Development
  • Partnerships
  • Funding


I’m interested in your story. We can share experiences, see how we can manage risks and most important, find ways to get your company up to speed.

Jeoffey van den Berg